Chromatic Dance | How It Works

How It Works

Choose your song

That’s it! No specific genres, no levels. Dance is more fun when everyone gets to do it together. Choose a song you love, then show up to learn our Chromatic instructors’ original choreography – designed to be fun and engaging no matter what experience you have (from zero to former dancer!). Each choreographer has their own unique style, so you might get some hip hop, a little bit of jazz, and even a dash of contemporary.

Choose your classes

3-Week Series

Our classic option! You picked this song because it’s your fav, and you want to spend some quality time with it. Get the best discount when you book a 3-week series.

You'll learn a new section of choreo to your chosen song every week over 3 classes that meet at the same day and time with the same instructor. Put all the sections together and you’ve learned an awesome, full-out combo to your fav song.

2-Week Series

The same structure as our 3-week option, but shorter. You’ll get 2 classes of choreography to your favorite song.

Single Session

For when you just want a taste, some songs stand on their own! You’ll get 1 class of choreography to your chosen song.

Any of the classes on our schedule can be attended on their own– that means you can attend the second or third class of a series as a single session without a problem (except for the FOMO!). Each class focuses on a completely new section of choreography.

New Student?

Make sure you select "New Student Pricing" after you hit book. Your first class is just $5 with our current 50% off sale.

Book your spot

Purchase by song

Pick your class on our Schedule page, and click “Book”. You’ll be taken to our online store. Select your desired option (3 weeks, 2 weeks, Single Session), and hit “Purchase.”

When signing up for a series class, you’ll be asked to confirm the dates of all the sessions you plan to attend. If you’re going to the whole series, check off all the dates! If you’re going to only one or two, check off the appropriate dates.

Then, complete all the information at checkout. You’ll receive a receipt of purchase from our online store, and we’ll send you a reminder email on the day of your class!

Got a package or trial sign-up code?

If you purchased a previously offered New Student Trial or Month-long Membership, you should have received a sign-up code via email. For Gilt City packages, use your Voucher Number. To reserve spots in class, scroll down to the bottom of the Schedule page and look for the special reservations form (click "Reserve Your Spot").


Please email us directly ( to cancel any classes you are unable to attend, as a courtesy to your instructor and fellow dancers. We are currently unable to offer refunds or credits for missed classes.

Get ready to dance!

You’ll also receive a reminder email with all the information below on the day of your class.

What to wear

Wear any clothes that you feel comfortable moving around and dancing in. We recommend work-out clothes. There are bathrooms available in the building where you can change. Please arrive 10 minutes early to change so we can start on time.

For shoes, any sort of sneakers or Converse work perfectly. You can also dance in socks, or barefoot if you’d prefer (socks can be slippery)!

Your class location

We hold classes at Pearl Studios, on the 4th and 12th floors of 500 8th Avenue and the 12th floor of 519 8th Avenue (across the street from each other), between 35th and 36th Streets.

Be sure to check the exact room numbers for your class. Our studio rooms change from week to week. We will email you a reminder on the day of your class with the room number. You can always find the location of your class yourself at the bottom of our Schedule page.

When you get to your building, head straight up to the correct floor and find us in the studio. No need to check in anywhere else. If you can't find us, please ask the front desk to help you find "Chromatic Dance"!

Coming to class

Arrive on time: Get to class 5 minutes early to settle in! Email ( or text us (646 504 1073) if you anticipate being late. Students more than 10 minutes late without notice may not be permitted in class. Please be courteous to your instructor and fellow dancers!

Check in: Say hello to your instructor (they’ll be wearing a Chromatic shirt), so they can mark your attendance! If you’re a new student, your instructor will ask you to sign a waiver.

Settle in: Your belongings will stay in the studio with us during class. You can tuck them away under a chair, in a corner, or place them along the sides of the room! Find yourself some floor space and feel free to stretch or chat with your fellow dancers and instructor until class starts.