Chromatic Dance | Mission


We think that a world where everyone dances is a world where everyone feels more free, open, and confident in themselves. Dance is an expression of joy and love through our bodies, and we believe that anyone can do it.

“Chromatic” means colorful, vibrant, or all the notes in the scale. Our mission is to create a radically inclusive community where everyone can dance.

We see dance as a way to interact with your world—and it starts with the space we create together in the studio. We dance with these mottos in mind:


Dance with no fear.

Go for the moves with gusto—all in, 200%. Who cares if you mess it up or don't nail it right away? It's about feeling the music and getting in touch with your body.


Dance in your realest self.

Embrace your most authentic self, and be unapologetic about expressing that self as you dance—infuse your personal flair into every move you make.


Dance beyond the studio.

Carry the joy you find in the studio out into your life. Dance enthusiastically and shamelessly everywhere you go, with your body and your heart.


Dance toward adventure.

Take the freedom you find in dance and let yourself try other new things. Make new friends, take the stage for that open mic, wear that wacky hat. Do it with joy and love, the way you learned to dance.

We hope you leave our classes realizing not only that you can dance, but that you should always be dancing your own adventures in life, cheering for others along the way.