Chromatic Dance | Memberships


Our previously offered 4 and 8 class 1-month membership packages have been discontinued. Classes are available as Single Sessions and discounted Series packages at this time. If you already booked a membership, scroll down for FAQ.

If you booked a Gilt City flash sale package, please review the voucher that was emailed to you for details. To reserve spots, click "Reserve Your Spot" at the bottom of the Class Schedule pageand enter your Gilt City Voucher Number.

FAQ (applicable to Chromatic Dance original 4 and 8-class monthly memberships only, NOT Gilt City packages):

When Does My Membership Start?

Your monthly membership will start on the date of the first class you attend. If you don’t come to a class within 7 days of purchase, then your membership will automatically begin after 7 days.

If you cancel or are absent for your first class, then your membership will begin on the 2nd class you reserve (even if you cancel it too). For example, if you buy your membership on September 15th and reserve spots in class on September 16th and September 17th, but you cancel or miss both of these classes, then your membership will officially start on September 17th and run until October 17th.

How Do I Book Classes With My Membership?

After your purchase, you will receive an email from our team within 24 hours, with your personal reservation code and details about your membership.

With your membership, you must reserve spots in class ahead of time. To reserve spots, find the special reservation form at the bottom of the Class Schedule page.

If you need to book a class that is scheduled within 24 hours of your purchase and you haven’t received your reservation code yet, email us at to let us know which classes you want to attend.

When Does My Membership End, Exactly?

Your membership expires exactly 1 month after the start date. You can still attend a class using your membership on your expiration date. For example, if you attend your first class on September 15th, you can still attend classes on October 15th, but not October 16th.

How Do I Bring Friends to Class for Free?

After you purchase your membership, you will also receive 2 extra reservation codes via email for your friends to use. Each extra reservation code is valid for exactly 1 free class. Your friends can use the code to sign up to come to a class with you, or they can come try us out alone! Please note that to use your extra reservation codes, your friends must be new students. After using your code to come to their free class, your friends WILL still be eligible to purchase a New Student Trial.

Please note that cancellations/absences cannot be rescheduled for these extra reservation codes — they are only valid for 1 reservation each!

What Happens If I Book A Class With My Membership And Don't Show Up?

Cancellations and absences with your personal reservation code are limited.

To cancel a class, please email us at as early as possible. Any cancellations within 48 hours of class time count as “late cancellations.”

With a 4-class or 8-class membership, you may cancel up to 2 classes. After 2 cancellations, any additional cancellations will simply count towards your class credits. For example, if you cancel 4 classes, you can reschedule the first 2— but the other two cannot be rescheduled and will count as attended classes.

With the Unlimited membership, you may cancel up to 4 classes, including a maximum of 2 late cancellations (within 48 hours of class time). After 4 cancellations, or a maximum of 2 late cancellations, you will only be allowed to reserve a spot in 1 class / week for the rest of your Unlimited membership. For example, if you cancel more than 4 classes in the first 2 weeks of your month-long Unlimited membership, then you may only attend 2 more classes with your membership — one session during Week 3, and one more session during Week 4.

Can I Check How Many Classes I Have Left With My Membership // When My Membership Ends?

Yes, just email us at and we’ll let you know when your membership ends, how many credits you’ve used, and how many credits you have left.

Can I Cancel My Membership // Get A Refund?

No refunds for monthly membership are currently available.