Chromatic Dance | Vision


Our mission is to create a radically inclusive community where everyone can dance.

Why do we care so much about dance?

Well first, because we know it can change your life. It changed ours. We also think dance can get more people doing art and creatively expressing themselves, and that matters deeply to us.

“Creative health” is a dimension of “wellness” that’s been seriously overlooked. Art and creative self-expression are practices that can have powerful impacts on our wellbeing, just as much as our food and fitness and mindfulness practices do. Practicing art and taking care of our creative health should be done right alongside with taking care of our bodies and our mental health.

We believe this well-being should be accessible for ALL people. In fact, we believe art can have the most positive impact on those who feel too intimidated to engage with it – the very people who desperately need safe spaces and the freedom to fully and creatively express their identities.

We don’t think you need to be an artist to do art. And we don’t think you need to be an artist to enjoy art. You just need to not be afraid of art.

We believe that by doing more art, you'll also be able to understand art a little better and get more out of your experiences with it. We imagine a world where more people see art as something beautiful and valuable and important. We imagine more people attending and really engaging with dance shows, art shows, music concerts, theater productions, and literary readings.

Funding for the arts is hard to come by and artists often struggle to make a living in order to keep pursuing their passions. Part of our vision is to make a space where young, aspiring professional artists can make a living and continue their artistic work by connecting and sharing their passion and expertise with non-professional artists, who can then go on to support art and strengthen the arts ecosystem.

Long story short: we care about dance because we care about art, and we think dance is one of the most accessible arts out there. In dance, you engage all the dimensions of yourself: mind, body, creative spirit, and you need nothing more than a willingness to move.

One day we hope to show you the magic and beauty of all of the arts. Let’s start with movement.