Chromatic Dance | Team | Kelsey



"Dance is the ultimate freedom of expression."

Ambitious and driven, Kelsey grew up doing a variety of sports, but dance would always end up taking over! She went on to graduate from the School of Dance at Florida State University. There, she served as the president of her class, interned at the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography, and produced a dance documentary about specific campus male identities and how those identities can be transcended through the female body. Kelsey has since been working on a variety of multimedia art projects in fashion, film, dance, and photography in NYC. She loves traveling, seeing old friends, and exploring new places.

Personal mantra

"It goes on."

Celebrity crush

Miles Teller

Favorite dancer

my dad

Favorite song to dance to

Crazy In Love

Weirdest thing about you

I've watched the entire series of How I Met Your Mother 3 times.